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Platinum Jubilee Cocktail Menu

Radio Rooftop

Date: 21.04.2022

In celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Radio Rooftop will be launching an exclusive new cocktail menu, featuring a different drink for each decade of the monarch’s 70-year reign, inspired by the happenings from that particular decade. 

The first two cocktails of the menu will be available from 21st April, as a special nod to the Queen’s birthday, with a new drink released weekly following the monarch’s birthday. With its spectacular views over Central London, Radio Rooftop Bar is the perfect place from which to sip handcrafted cocktails and also watch the Jubilee celebrations, with partying down below and the Red Arrows flying overhead. Menu highlights include the Irish 100, made using Baileys Irish Cream; the Elizabeth, which is served in a teapot; Long Live the Queen, a smoked Negroni with a Dubonnet twist. Each of the following cocktails will then be available by the Jubilee Bank Holiday on the 3rd June:

1953: Crown and Glory - Queen Elizabeth II is Crowned (available from April 21th)

The Crown and Glory is a floral gin-based drink, inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s favourite tipple. The elderflower, which in mythology means ending and rebirth, symbolises the Queen’s coronation with the end of an era and rebirth of a new historic time.

1965: ich bin ein Berliner - The Queen Makes Historic Visit to Germany (available from April 21th)

This floral cocktail has been inspired by the Queen’s visit to Germany in 1965, the first time a British Royal visited the country since 1913. A United Front is crafted using Monkey 47, a gin made in Germany using 47 different ingredients. The drink is then finished with a squeeze of grapefruit, to symbolise the fresh rebuilding of relations. 

1970: T@5 - Queen Elizabeth Goes Walkabout on Extensive Tour of Australia (available from April 25th)

Queen Elizabeth is known for her love of Earl Grey tea, which travelled with her to Australia, during her extensive tour of the nation in 1970. The T@5 cocktail is made using blackberry, a native Australian fruit, and Earl Grey, to represent the two continents meeting. With 5 ingredients, the cocktail is also a nod to 5pm, when Her Majesty enjoys her afternoon tea.

1983: Royal Salute - The Queen Salutes the British Forces (available from May 2nd)

The cocktail was inspired by Gimlet which was used as a medicine for the Royal Forces. With the Queen’s dedication to the Armed Forces in 1983, ME London has dedicated this drink to the health of the Queen and the British Forces. The cocktail is served in a rocks glass to represent the strength of the army, and is topped up with champagne to celebrate it.

1997: Strength and Stay - The Queen and Prince Philip Celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary (available from May 9th)

To celebrate the ever-so-regal Golden Wedding anniversary, this gin martini has been created with drops of rose water, a taste of romance and a reflection of The Queen and Prince Philip’s long marriage. The cocktail also includes lillet blanc to keep it floral and citrusy, lovingly paired with Tanqueray No. TEN.

2000: Elizabeth - Nelson Mandela Visits The Queen at Buckingham Palace 
(available from May 16th)

This creative cocktail, served in a teapot, is made with rooibos tea and London dry gin, to symbolise the close friendship that HM the Queen had with Nelson Mandela, of whom she hosted at Buckingham Palace in May 2000. In fact, their relationship was so close that Mandela famously called the Queen by her first name, hence the cocktail’s name, Elizabeth.
2011: Irish 100 - Queen Elizabeth Makes the First Royal Visit to Ireland in 100 Years (available from May 23rd)

To celebrate a new era of friendship, following the Queen’s invitation to the Republic of Ireland by the Irish President in 2011, the first royal visit in 100 years, this rich cocktail has been made using Baileys Irish Cream, combined with apricot and a hint of cacao.

2022: Long Live The Queen - ME London is Delighted to Celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee (available from May 30th)

ME London salute’s Her Majesty with a classic and mature drink, The Negroni, to celebrate her reign. Smoked with a Dubonnet twist, this cocktail is best enjoyed on the Radio Rooftop terrace, paired with spectacular views of central London below. 

Radio Rooftop Bar is perfectly situated to observe the celebrations taking place across Central London, and will also offer spectacular views of the Red Arrows as they fly past over the Jubilee weekend. 

The Jubilee cocktail menu will be available at Radio Rooftop from 21st April, with different cocktails released each week. 

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